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"Low cost solutions for high cost problems"

About Us

Our team helps wafer fab engineers and managers solve common day-to-day problems.


We offer low-cost solutions that help maintain your fab’s competitiveness.

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Let us know if you want a quote, additional product information, or information.

What We Refurbish


Laser Refurbishment Services

We supply refurbished lasers for these tools: Surfsan, SP1-Classic, AIT argon-ion lasers. Call or request more Information.


Laser Testing and Characterization Services

We inspect and test each laser and optic. We provide data reports to insure quality. For more informatio, visit our Products page.


Optical Parts Repair Services

We provide refurbish and repair services for cameras, monochromators, beam detection modules, and other such components for optical tools. Request a quote for optical repair.

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